Social media today has become a platform for people to post narcissistic and fake content. It is driven by numbers- users obsess over the likes, comments, and shares while remaining relatively uninterested in creating genuine content. People are willing to compromise honest and transparent perceptions for their viewers- and it’s about time things change.

Essena O’Neill is taking the first steps towards creating a positive and truthful connection with her followers. After years of building a social media empire, she realized she had lost herself, and wanted to find her way back. She no longer wants to be shaped by brands and their ideals, losing her own sense of self. She realized though, with this fame she had constructed, she had the power to make a real change.

She deleted over 2,000 posts on social media and changed the remaining captions to reflect the problems in what she had been posting. She released multiple videos as well, showing users the dark side of her seemly perfect image, and went on to create her own website, Let's Be Game Changers

We at Boomcast are trying to advocate for the same principles of honest social media. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between ethical and successful- the two should go hand in hand. False images of perfection are harmful to everyone, especially young and impressionable people who are pressured into achieving an unreachable beauty standard. 

However, not all social media has to be fake and superficial. It can be a catalyst for change, and this is what we are trying to achieve with our app. Boomcast is a new ephemeral broadcasting app altering the way social media is consumed. It encourages users to share their real stories about what is going on in the world, and their individual place in it. They are able to connect with others and build communities with people who share their passions. 

If you, like Essena, are sick and tired of all of the superficial content that floods social media, join our efforts to change it. Download Boomcast and share your story, not your selfie.