Boomcast username: Kennedyjeanine

Kennedy is fashion forward business student with a passion for finding styles that reflect her love of travel, quality, and individualism. She now works as a manager at Kit and Ace, a brand where her love for clothing and community coexist, and the creative class comes first. The company focuses on integrity, stating:

"At Kit and Ace, we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. We celebrate what others are contributing to the world and we recognize how their work influences us. The Creative Class is not elitist. We aspire to beauty and we celebrate progress."

Her love for style extends past her current company. She is inspired by trends from around the world, and uses Boomcast because it is a platform for creating global communities. After spending the past 6 months traveling around Europe, she wanted to maintain a connection to the passionate types of individuals she met along the way. 

"The fashion and sales industries are a huge part of my life, but people and their personalities reflected by the style choices they make, interests me the most. I draw inspiration from all over- vintage stores in Paris, consignment jewelry shops in Dublin, stealing retro items from my dad's closet, street style, cultural trends, and more. I would describe my own style on a daily basis as being focused on comfort and quality first, but with touches that come from the experiences I've had. I use fashion as a way to express myself, the places I've been, and who I hope to become."

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